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Jobless Growth
Average number of jobs created annually in five years between 2009 and 2013 in lakhs 7.6
Average number of jobs created annually between January 1, 2014 and October 1, 2016 (latest available figures for last 2.5 years) in lakhs 2.7


Welfare Schemes
Reported number of welfare programs announced by Narendra Modi government till April 2017: 105
Reported number of these that were renamed versions of programs announced by earlier governments 23


Shrinking Numbers…
Size of India’s Parsi population in 2011, down from 1,14,000 in 1941 57,264
Year and month in which ‘Jiyo Parsi’ scheme was launched with the campaign ‘Don’t use a condom tonight’ September 2013
Number of babies born under the scheme till June 2017 101


… and Shocking Numbers
Ratio of 2016 take-home pay of top 10 American CEOs ($9bn) to 2016 GDP of Rwanda ($9bn), a country with a population of more than 12 million 1:1
2016 take-home salary of Tim Cook, CEO of Apple and No 1 on the list, in million dollars 145


Cow Cess
Amount of ‘Cow Cess’ on petrol proposed by BJP Rajya Sabha member Subramaniam Swamy at ‘Glorious Indian Cow’ conference held at BSE building in June 2017, in Rs 1
Projected amount this Cess could generate annually, more than the budgets of some ministries, in Rs crore: 3,224
Annual budget of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change or Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, in Rs crore: 2,675 or 1,943


Bribery rate in India, the highest among 16 countries of Asia-Pacific region, in per cent 69
Bribery rate in Pakistan and China, in per cent 40 & 26
Percentage of Indians who say that level of corruption has increased in last one year 43


Number of recorded helicopter prison escapes that have taken place worldwide between 1971 and 2016 45
Number of these which were successful 32
Number of 32 successful escapes that occurred in France, making it No 1 country worldwide in terms of helicopter prison escapes 9


Age at which one should start smoking since the “body is fully developed” to offset any harmful effects, according to Czech President Milos Zeman 27
Average number of tobacco-related deaths reported in Czech Republic every year 18,000
Average number of Americans who die every year while awaiting a kidney transplant 4,500
Number of American soldiers killed in Iraq War in 10 years between 2003 and 2011 4500


Number of crematoriums Dutch metal recycler OrthoMetals has signed up worldwide to recycle and recover metal implants from cremated bodies for reuse in various industries 750
Projected volume of body implants collected by OrthoMetals by end-2015, in kgs 4,50,000


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Compiled by Anoop Babani. He is a former journalist and a founding member of The Beacon.
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