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Numbers, numbers and more numbers from around the world! Who said numbers don’t tell stories? Anoop Babani’s jaw-dropping indices illustrate the way we live and the way we should not.


Ranking on a scale of 1 to 100, in newborn survival rate:

India 14
Afghanistan 19
Somalia 21

Overall health-care index:

India 44.8
Nepal 50.8
Bangladesh 51.7
Bhutan 52.7
Sri Lanka 72.8


Number of Indians who defecate in the open every day (in million) 564
Number out of every 5 persons defecating in the open worldwide who are Indians: 3
Quantum of untreated faeces introduced into open by Indians every single day (in tonnes): 65,000
Number of Airbus A380s aircraft weighing this number 180


Number of bodies cremated on various ghats of Varanasi every year 25,000 – 30,000
Wood required annually for these cremations (in tonnes): 10,000 – 12,000


Number of people who died while travelling in local trains of Mumbai in a single year in 2016: 3,202
Number of civilians and security force personnel who died in terrorism-related incidents in India in more than six years between 2011 and May 2017: 2,985


Number of Maharashtra state legislators on a two-week “study tour” of Australia and New Zealand, with a one-day stop-over in Singapore, in May 2017 to review farm loans: 16
Reported cost per head Rs 6 Lakhs
Number of farmers in Maharashtra who committed suicides since January 2017burdened by farm debt and crop failure: 700


Amount Uttar Pradesh government under AkhileshYadav distributed as unemployment allowance to 1,26,000 persons between 2012 and 2013, (in Rs crore) 21
Amount it spent on functions to handover these cheques(in Rs crore) 15


Peak market valuation of Yahoo! sometime in 2000, (in billion dollars): 128
Price at which it was finally bought by Verizon, US telecom giant, in July 2016 (in billion dollars) 4.8


Number of firearms in existence worldwide,(in million): 875
Number out of these in the hands of civilians (in million): 650
Number of these with armed forces and law-enforcement authorities (in million): 225


Percentage of Americans in 2001 who said they were angry and frustrated with their government: 42
Percentage of Americans who feel the same today: 77

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Compiled by Anoop Babani. He is a former journalist and a founding member of The Beacon.
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