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Why The Beacon?

The Beacon is a web-based only feature magazine of writing and reading (long-form essays, fiction and poetry) that believes in confluences more than in consensus. The Beacon searches for the intersections at which political/economic analyses meet literature, the personal weaves into the social, the real is imagined and unity spells diversity. Confluences make conversations meaningful and possible; intersections are the locations for cultures—of diversity, differences, pluralism, hybridity.

The Beacon eschews the prioritisation of the real over the imagined, of the social over the personal, of political/economic analyses over literature, of matter over mind and of the material over the ethical. The Beacon will endeavour to become the site for a new language and poetry of resistance–to oppression, to banality and the ghettoization of the mind.

Ashoak Upadhyay

Contributing Editors
Darius Cooper
Teaches Critical Thinking at San Diego Mesa College USA. Essayist, poet and film critic he has written on Guru Dutt, Satyajit Ray and published essays and reviews in India and USA.  “Aavaan Jawaan” is his latest collection of poems.

Mayank Bhatt
Former journalist in Mumbai now an author and essayist in Toronto, Canada. His debut novel, Belief was published by Mawanzi House Publishers  in 2016. He runs a blog “Generally About Books.” https://www.generallyaboutbooks.com

Wandana Sonalkar
Till recently, Professor at the Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies, TISS Mumbai. She has translated various Marathi texts into English including Urmila Pawar and Meenakshi Moon’s book on Women in the Ambedkar Movement, Zubaan, New Delhi and some short fiction and poetry.  Her translation of the autobiography of the Dalit communist activist R.B. More is forthcoming from LeftWord Books.She lives in Mumbai.

Editorial Advisors
Avijit Pathak
Professor at Centre for Study of Social Systems, JNU, New Delhi. Among his publications on education and modernity: Recalling the Forgotten. Educaton and Moral Quest. 2009. On Social Constraints and the Great Longing. Essays on the Human Condition. 2014

Keerti Ramachandra
Teacher, editor and tri-lingual translator,she translated Hindutva or Hind Swaraj by U.R. Anantamurthy (with Vivek Shanbag) from Kannada; short fiction by Gangadhar Gadgil from Marathi and Joginder Paul from Urdu.  She lives in Bengeluru.

Rustom Bharucha
Writer, director, dramaturg. Former Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies, JNU New Delhi. Among his several books are: Another Asia. Rabindranath Tagore and Okakura Tenshin. 2006; Terror and Performance. 2014. He lives in Kolkata.

Satyajit Rath
Former faculty member at the National Institute of Immunology (NII) New Delhi, now visitng faculty IISER Pune. He also works on science-and-society policies with government agencies and civil society groups Delhi Science Forum and Eklavya. He lives in Pune and New Delhi.


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